White is the new red...

When it comes to the events industry there is a secret that we need to let you in on. Just in case you didn’t know, red carpet hire is so last year; this years trend is all about white carpet hire!

Jokes aside, whilst its red cousin remains just as popular as it has always been there is a new found love for the lighter, paler, white carpet that seems to be gracing events and entrances around the UK.

Just £84.49 Each (6 M x 1.2 M)

The need for variety...

At Red Carpet Hire London we have taken on board the need for variety; which is why are proud to offer our White Carpets alongside our Red Carpet service throughout the London area.

We feel that our white carpet brings something that little bit special to your big night; in fact there is no celebration that couldn’t benefit from the true celebrity feel of a white carpet entrance.

Some of the most popular events that request to our hire our white carpets are; birthday’s, weddings, school prom nights and even corporate or charity award ceremonies too. They are versatile options to give your guests a real VIP feel.

Our service can be trusted...

Our white carpets are only ever offered to you at the highest possible quality, these well-made, well looked after entrance carpets are just the thing you need for your big night. As well as ensuring quality at every opportunity we at Red Carpet Hire London are also dedicated to providing a high level of customer service and strive for satisfaction for each and every client. No matter how big or small your requirements are.

Not only do we provide you with quality when you choose to hire a white carpet from us but we are also a cost effective service too. After all, purchasing a strip of white carpet for a one off event may prove costly; especially when you take into account transportation and the effort to make sure it is in place.

By choosing us instead, not only can you be assured that you are only receiving the best, but we will deliver and set up the carpet for you as well as take it away the day after the event!

All you need to do to find out more about what we can offer you is to call our customer line today. You will be put through to a dedicated, knowledgeable and enthusiastic member of our customer service team who can give you the advice and guidance that you will need when making a decision.

Choosing your white carpet isn’t a complicated process, but having someone on hand who understands the process as a whole and can make sense of your own requirements is vital when picking the right product for you. This is why we recognise each and every client as an individual, all with unique requirements in place for their own event. We will never ask you to fit in with our “one size fits all service” instead we will amend our approach to fit around what it is that you need. Just as good customer service should be.

So whether you are looking for a white carpet for a school prom or perhaps a winter wonderland themed corporate ceremony then Red Carpet Hire London is the right place to come. We can have your event standing out from the crowd and also ensure that every single guest feels like they are a celebrity; if only for a night.

Don’t delay; make sure you get in touch with us today. Quality, satisfaction and a dedicated service. All of these things come together to create Red Carpet Hire London, a hire service that you can trust at a price that you can definitely afford.

We are the place to visit for white carpet hire throughout the London area.