The original retractable barrier...

There are variety of reasons that you may find that you need to hire a Tensa Barrier. The most common however is to ensure the safety and control of a crowd at a large scale event such as a concert or premiere. They do this by taking charge of the flow of people who may be arriving or leaving and also avoid congestion (whether human or cat) as well as slowing down any traffic. As well as this, barriers can be used in order to monitor a queue or perhaps to just give a professional, secure and positive image for your event; no matter the size and scale.

Quantity Price
0-39 £9.99
40-79 £8.99
80+ £6.99

The Right Choice for your event...

When it comes to events there is plenty to consider; catering, entertainment and decorations. One thing that may not be at the front of your mind is safety and one of the best ways to ensure safety is with a barrier. One of the best barriers that you can hire is the Tensa Barrier.

These retractable barriers not only look great but they are easy to set up and transport, no matter where you need them in your event. When it comes to deciding whether or not the Tensa Barrier is the right choice for you, you will need to know your own requirements.

We have Tensa Barriers available to hire which can quickly form an important feature of your event; providing safety and partitioning in order to maximise crowd control. Not just a safety measure; these barriers can be expensive to purchase, especially if your need for them is a one off. So why not save yourself some much valued money and hire your Tensa Barriers with us rather than purchase them outright?

With us, when you decide to hire barriers you can be sure of not only safety but also a professional appearance too. No matter the size of the area; large or small our elegantly constructed chrome barriers look sleek and of the highest quality wherever they are placed in the area that you need them. Security with a stylish edge.

As well as looking great; our barriers are strong and durable, ensuring they are able to fulfil the needs that you have for your event. After all, it is one thing for them to be an attractive option but it is equally as important for them to be constructed from strong materials that will withstand the possible harshness that can come from controlling a large crowd.

Tensa barrier rental for an affordable price...

At Red Carpet Hire London we not only supply these fantastic barriers, but we also ensure that they are delivered and fitted correctly as a part of our great service. We are focused on customer satisfaction and delivering results and each and every member of our dedicated team are there to provide you with everything that you need for your event; big or small.

Hotels, cinemas, theatres are all places that can benefit from hiring Tensa Barriers for their events. Whether galas, open evenings or premieres. These well made, robust and professional looking crowd control measures are the ideal choice. We work hard to not only provide the very best in service, but assess our pricing structure to ensure that we are cost effective with no effect on the end result.

Please contact us today for more information on barrier hire. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be delighted to discuss your requirements and offer you a tailor made quote. Our barriers are available for short or long term hire to suit your needs. We look forward to offering you peace of mind and an impeccable service with the greatest quality barriers for your private hire.