Crowd control barriers... Keep your guests safe

Crowd Control Barrier Hire in London. Not something that may come top of your list when planning a once in a lifetime event; however it is something that you should keep in mind when you think about the safety and security of those who attend. At Red Carpet Hire London we supply high quality and robust barriers that provide an effective method of creating pedestrian walkways and controlling queuing systems too. These barriers are also useful to keep guest segregated into separate areas throughout your venue; or of course to keep spectators and guests apart if that is something that is needed.

Quantity Price
0-39 £8.99
40-79 £7.99
80+ £5.99

The advantages of hiring crowd control barriers...

Other great uses for crowd control barriers are not for crowds at all. They are often hired or bought to be used within the construction industry. They are placed in order to prevent workers from entering dangerous sites; and can be used as well in order to keep members of the public aware that they are not able to gain access for their own health and safety.

No matter the reason do you need to look further into the world of crowd control barrier hire? Are you based within the London area and want the very best possible service at a price that is affordable? If the answer is yes then you should be aware that you need not look any further.

We at Red Carpet Hire London are able to provide high quality and durable barriers for any type of event throughout the London area. Our barriers are only made from the most robust materials in order to stay strong no matter the pressures that they are placed under.

Our service is second to none...

Purchasing crowd control barriers is expensive, especially if they are not going to be used for more than a handful of occasions it may not make sense to buy them outright. This is where Red Carpet Hire London are able to help, by offering crowd control barriers for hire we give you the chance to access these useful tools whilst ensuring that you are never out of pocket; incredibly important for any business.

Our crowd control barriers are made from are galvanised steel; an incredibly strong and resistant material that will be able to safely contain even a large number of people and ensure that large groups are kept away from the road or any other danger that they may face during your event.

Are you unsure of your crowd safety requirements? If this is the case then why not call a member of our team and discuss your circumstances and needs. They have a wealth of knowledge that allows them to advise you the best choice and work with you to deliver a service and result that is perfect for your event.

Our service is a complete package; not just great customer service and a high quality product but also delivery and installation too. You can always be sure that with Red Carpet Hire London you will receive the highest quality each and every time so you can rest easy knowing that not only have you got a great price, but every member of your crowd, your guests and those who have just come to see what is happening are kept completely safe and secure

Get in touch with us today and discover that safety doesn’t have to be dull and boring. You can give your event that professional look without breaking the bank or taking away from the glamour and grandeur of your very special night.

We have the answer for your security needs; quality, style, safety and of course price. Everything that you come to expect with a 5* service.