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As well as red carpets, we also do a range of barriers that are designed to be used at events and event venues. When it comes to hiring a barrier, there will be a variety of different reasons why you will need to hire them. This variety of reasons leads to the availability of different types of barriers. So how do you know which barrier type is right for your event? Why not take a look first at the event itself and think about the safety and control risks that it may pose.

We have the rope & post barrier which is a great accessory to go with the red carpet to really complete that hollywood entrance look. We also stock tensa barriers which are the industry standard barrier to use for the purpose of queue control. We also have crowd control barriers wich are perfect for use outdoors to prevent people spilling out of the venue into a road causing a potentially hazardous situation.

Many event organisers often foget to cover their backs for insurance purposes when it comes to the safety of the event-goers. Having correct safety barriers in place to prevent people walking into areas of danger or areas with expensive equipment will give you a better chance of making an insurance claim should you need to. Our barriers do not cost the earth, and will ensure the safety of your guests and venue.